Welcome to Eating Disorder Support

Hello and welcome to the Eating Disorder Support website. Perhaps you found your way here looking for some help and support for yourself, or are unsure whether you have an eating disorder or food issues. Perhaps you are the parent, or family member, or friend who is concerned about someone you know. Whatever the reason, I hope that the information on this site will be of help and benefit to you.

Aims of the site

The aim of the website is to gather together as much information about the various different types of eating disorders, related problems and treatment options, and present the information in a way that people can access easily. My hope is that sufferers or carers looking for information will be able to find everything they are looking for in one place.

A bit about me

I have suffered from anorexia nervosa myself for about 5 years now. During this time I have experienced a whole range of signs and symptoms of anorexia and sometimes bordering on aspects of bulimia. I have been at very low weights at times and had two inpatient admissions to eating disorder units in the past two years for re-feeding, the last time at the end of 2007.

I have been through various ‘treatment programmes’ and have searched for help myself and currently I am having cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) which I find helpful.

One of the reasons I decided to create this website was because I have found there is a lack of support for people with eating disorders and I hope that perhaps my experiences might help someone else. I also found the more I learned about my condition myself the more I have been able to make informed choices about the right treatment for me.