What is Self Help

Recovery is not just about gaining weight if you are anorexic, controlling bingeing and purging for those of you with bulimia, or losing weight and controlling food intake if compulsive overeating. It is not just about learning to eat in a healthy way. For some patients it will be important to get medically stable first but at some point during recovery, therapeutic input will be required and there are also a number of things you can do to help yourself.

It doesn’t matter how much therapy or ‘help’ someone has if the ‘will’ to change is not there and that’s basically what self help is all about. Some aspects of eating disorders are unique in the way the sufferer feels torn between the will to want to recover and the lure of the ‘benefits’ the eating disorder seems to provide. ‘Getting well’ to an anorexic for example is often thought of as ‘becoming fat’ and food and eating becomes something to be avoided at all costs, even with the detrimental health consequences.

I myself have struggled between knowing the risks to my health that my behaviour and actions have caused and yet at the same time I’ve felt anorexia was my identity and felt safe. Finding the will to see past this is not easy but is an important part of recovery.

Here I have compiled some tips and techniques I have come across during my journey and I hope some might be helpful for you too.