Land of Oz Game

In the movie the Wizard of Oz the three characters were each searching for something. There was The Scarecrow who was looking for a brain, The Tinman who was looking for a heart, and The Lion who was looking for some courage.

While watching the movie we grow to learn that they ALL had what they were searching for but never knew they had it.

The object of the game

  1. Create three characters to live in your own Land of Oz.
  2. Give them each something to search for that YOU are searching for through your eating disorder.
  3. Give reasons why the Mighty Wizard would say that you already have what you are looking for.

The goal is to get to the issues behind your eating disorder. The things that your characters are looking for CANNOT be related to weight whatsoever!

NOW…  close your eyes, click your heels, open the door and welcome to OZ.