Thoughts and Feelings Diary

Eating disorders can seem to be just about weight and food but these are just symptoms of feelings and what is happening in your life. Feelings such as low self worth, depression, sadness, anger, confusion, frustration, fear and insecurities, as well as issues like low self-esteem, dysfunctional relationships, perfectionism, and isolation are just some examples.

In order to start to understand why you have become ill it is vital that you are willing to explore, understand and accept what those issues are and with help begin to heal from the pain and/or anger.

You will need to learn to express and talk about what you feel, and to address what your issues may be. You will need to learn to identify your own negative emotions and what triggers negative thinking, and keeping a diary can help with this.

Ultimately, you need to learn to identify and cope with the stress in your life and the emotions that you feel. Therapy is the best way to help you discover why you have developed this illness and to help support you through it. Support groups and forums, such as the Eating Disorder Forum on Uncommonforum are helpful.